Saturday, April 13, 2013

Even your feelings are racist

                                                  even your feelings are racist

    Since it happened I just keep hearing those bad news about a bus crashes with a train 50 children dies for anyone that's a shocking thing for any human with human feelings that's a stop
   But for a racist it's a little different he must know first what's those children's religion is  to decide whether he is gonna wail on them or not
   Each one them has his own way to release the old wounds
   The first team usually goes for blood and avenges like burning the other team holy book or burning their house of worship or in some cases like that new one we have burning an innocent man just because he belongs to the other team
   On the other hand  the other team response doesn't offer so much violence but the point is a truck full of solders know nothing about anything don't look any different than those children but what would u expect from them NOTHING but when one man of them dies in fight oh it's weepy time
   What kills me is your reasons for rising against the system your reason's to chant in a house of God yasqot yasqot 7okem elmorshed is so selfish you supported the previous president who killed all those people and when hundreds of revolutionists died to take him out your way of  showing appreciation was electing his prime minister
   In a way I saw both teams commenting on that racist match  in a public place with the first team where no one knows I'm not one of them or in a home with the other team where I usually don't like to stop that anxiety racist status
  I saw your feelings and your body language from the scale of one to ten you are all racist and I'm not one of you or them I'm Egyptian

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